Our centre in Barcelona



  Microfusa school in Barcelona  
  Plano escuela Barcelona  
  Architects: Bárbara y Balanzó y Toni Barceló
Acoustic Engineer: David Vives (microFusa)

Virtual Tour via Street View

The facilities at our center have been designed to accommodate educational needs - equipped as it is with audiovisual technology - whilst faithfully reflecting a modern, professional working environment. 

The school is divided in the following areas:

Classrooms: Primarily used for giving lectures. They are equipped with visual projection systems, studio speakers and WIFI.

Computer rooms: Primarily used for practical sessions. There are computers for each student which have licenses for the most commonly used programs installed. The teacher's computer is connected to the projection system and studio monitors for demonstration of the sessions. The workstations can be reserved by students for study and practice.



DJ booths: This is where the DJ courses are given. The equipment consists of turntables, (Technics, Vestax, Stanton) CDJ players (Pioneer DJ), mixers, effects processors and drum machines. One of the booths is available to students on the DJ course, and is available for rent to all students and ex-students.

Production studios: These studios are designed for music composition and production, as well as for mixes, remixes, bootlegs, etc. There are control surfaces for mixing, computers installed with the same software available in the classrooms (Protools, Logic, Ableton, Cubase, NI Komplete and Final Cut), hardware synthesizers (Moog, Novation, Roland) mic preamps, effects processors and drum machines (NI Maschine, Renaissance Akai, Novation Launchpad).


Editing and mastering suites: Equipped with Avid Protools and Waves plugins as well as Avalon hardware EQ and dynamic processors and monitoring system.


Recording and post-production studios: These rooms come fully equipped with the all the facilities found in professional recording studios. Professional works have been recorded and mixed here. Three of the studios have analogue consoles (SSL AWS 900) as well as digital (Yamaha PM5D) and a controller (Avid D-Command); thus reproducing the three types of working conditions found in the professional environment. The studios also feature Avid Protools HD recording systems, processors (Avalon, TL Audio, TC Electronic, Lexicon) monitoring systems (Genelec, Dynaudio, Yamaha, Event, Tannoy)and a complete set of microphones for each studio (Neumann, AKG, Sennheiser, Shure, Rode, Audio-Technica). 


Teacher-led classes are given in all these spaces and may also be reserved for individual study and practice depending on the course being taken and the level of the student.

The school also has the Club, a space where students can consult reference books, surf the web and have a coffee.

The centre also has a large area for production and research where teachers keep up-to-date with the latest technologies.