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  • Barcelona - October 2019
  • Barcelona - January 2020

This music production, professional certification course focuses on electronic music and will give you the skills and knowledge needed to master the tools of creative music production. You will have the opportunity to work with leading audio software such as Ableton Live, Logic Audio and Reason.

The course provides essential knowledge for composition, audio synthesis, audio and midi sequencers, mixing and processing, mastering and much more. The course is divided into three levels and has a total of 220 lecturing hours, most of which are under the supervision of our team of teachers; all of whom are experienced in the fields of both music production and education.


First Part

  • Setting up the studio. Choice of equipment and audio and MIDI interfaces
  • DAW workstations. Production using loops. Sequencing and audio editing
  • Music Composition. Tempo, piano roll (event matrix/grid), drum patterns and timbres of percussion
  • MIDI sequencing in the DAW and drum machines
  • Introduction to mixing and to audio processors
  • Electronic instruments. Synths and Samplers
  • Production analysis. Musical genres and timbres in electronic music


Second Part

  • Fundamentals of synthesis and the physics of sound
  • Musical language. Tones, melodies, scales, and chords
  • MIDI devices for creating melodic and harmonic patterns
  • Mapping and slicing of samples in the sampler
  • Structure and parameters in the synthesizer
  • Modulation and control MIDI messages in the synthesizer
  • Preset design
  • Production analysis
  • Arrangements, structures, and choice of patches


Third Part

  • The audio chain and theory of digital audio
  • Sampling in the studio
  • Electronic instruments, processors, and mixing
  • Listening theory and mixing fundamentals
  • Audio Processors (EQ, dynamics, delay, reverb, etc.)
  • Production analysis. Mixing, processing, and automation
  • Introduction to mastering


  • For over-16s only



The objective of this course is to provide the student with an extensive knowledge of the processes involved in the production of electronic music, focussing on the rhythmic, tonal and melodic aspects of composition; sound and instrument selection, sound design and mixing techniques. The student will be able master these concepts and learn how they can be used both as creative and technical tools.


Course starting in October 2019 (9 months in duration)
Classes will be held on Monday and Wednesday in the following schedules:

  • Afternoon schedule from 08:30 am to 11:30 am.
  • Morning schedule from 11:30 am to 14:30 pm.
  • Afternoon schedule from 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm.
  • Evening schedule from 19:00 pm to 22:00 pm.

Semi-intensive-course starting in January 2020 (6 months in duration)
Classes will be held from Monday to Thursday in the following schedule (January to April):

  • Afternoon schedule from 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm.

From April to June classes will be held only on Monday and Wednesday in the following schedule:

  • Afternoon schedule from 16:00 pm to 19:00 pm.

The methodology used in the course is based on a blended learning format, incorporating activities that evolve in our classrooms and recording studios, supported by our virtual campus. Said activities include collaborative practices, magisterial classes, discussion forums and group projects among others. The course content is available online, accessible 24 hours, on any electronic device (i.e. computer, tablet and mobile).

The debate forums will stimulate critical thinking/analysis along with the exchange of ideas. The practices and projects objective is, learning by doing, and working in teams with other students. This is all closely overseen and led by our highly specialized educators, all of whom have extensive experience in the field.

Payment Methods

Course starting in October 2019 Option: Full payment upfront

  • Reservation of place on the course: 300€
  • Tuition payment 2: 3.150€

Total amount with full payment up front = 3.450€

Option Financed 1

  • Reservation of place on the course: 300€
  • 1st payment 2: 390€
  • 8 installments: 362€ (November to June)

Total amount with financed payment = 3.588€

Course starting in January 2020 Option: Full payment upfront

  • Reservation of place on the course: 300€
  • Tuition payment 2: 3.150€

The total amount of full payment up front = 3.450€

Option Financed 1

  • Reservation of place on the course: 300€
  • 1st payment 2: 590€
  • 5 instalments: 538€ (February to June)

The total amount of financed payments = 3.578€


1. To access the financing service the following is imperative: Spanish bank account information. TIN interest rate of 5%, 5,11% TAE. The payments will be debited directly by bank or cashier by the 5th of each month, except the first payment that will be done by a stand-alone transfer or in cash.

2. The deadline to make the first payment or single payment is 14 natural day before the start of the course (24th of December 2019 | September 16th, 2019).


Ramir Martínez

Ramir Martinez (a.k.a Kulyela) es ingeniero electrónico diplomado por la UPC. Imparte clases en microFusa desde 1993 en las áreas de Sonido, Producción de Música Electrónica y...

Adriana López

Adriana López es actualmente una de las artistas de Techno con mayor prestigio a nivel internacional. Técnico de Sonido, DJ y Productora, Adriana López inicia su carrera a...

Tom Watt

I've been working as a teacher in Microfusa for 6 years, where I teach Music Production, Sound Engineering, English and Music History. I have a BSc in Creative Music Technology...

Jordi Goberna

Soy DJ y productor musical desde el año 1987 y profesor de producción musical, sonido y DJ en Microfusa desde el año 2008. He sido Residente habitual en los clubes mas...