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September, 28

This Bachelor of Arts in Digital Music degree is a three-year course and will provide you with the broadest possible understanding and skills in the world of composition in the digital environment. During the course, you will learn how to compose and produce innovative, digital music combining music theory, practice and professional skills.

The knowledge gained over the course of the degree will allow you to work in the audiovisual field, specializing in musical composition with digital and electronic media. This includes the creation and production of music for film, video, video games, etc.

Some of the subjects on which you will focus are composition and production, sound design using sampling and synthesis, audio engineering, processing, editing and mixing sound, music and creating sound effects for film, games and digital media, as well as DJing and live performance of digital music.
For your final project, you will have the opportunity to produce a concept album, create virtual software instruments, or compose experimental music or sound design for film or video.

The two first years of the Bachelor are taught at Microfusa in our center in Barcelona, Spain, followed by a one-year Top Up course at Solent University, in Southampton, United Kingdom. This is an excellent opportunity to discover and work in a world-renowned music market while having the opportunity to achieve a high level of proficiency in English and Spanish.

You will obtain two qualifications during your three years: the Diploma in Music Production from Microfusa and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Popular Music Production from Solent University. This University Standard qualification is recognised by the EHEA (European Higher Education Area) and is worth 180 ECTS.

All in all a great opportunity to start your career as a digital music composer and producer.



The Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Digital Music is attained as follows: 

  • Diploma in Music Production (Microfusa) + Top up course in Digital Music (Solent University)

Diploma in Music Production  | Microfusa

Year 1

The training given over the first year serves mainly as an introduction to Electronic Music Production and the use of new technologies in the field of music.
  • Audio Technology
  • Electronic Instruments, sound design and synthesis
  • Music theory and production
  • History of Music
  • Projects and Exercises
  • Software: Ableton Live (with certified trainer).

Year 2

The second year of the course will be centred around the techniques needed to learn the how to operate the equipment in a professional recording studio. You will work in depth on techniques involved in the recording and mixing of acoustic instruments using both analogue and digital media. The end of this course will see you produce your own project from the recording stage right through to the promotion of the artist or band involved.
  • Audio Technology
  • Studio recording techniques
  • Sound and acoustics
  • Digital mastering
  • Analysis of music productions
  • The music industry and business
  • Music theory and language
  • Final Project
  • Software: User for Protools (AVID): 101 + 110
Here is a more detailed view of the Diploma in Music Production syllabus, here!

Year 3 - Top Up course in Digital Music at Solent University

  • Final digital music project
  • Employment strategies and entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration project
  • Music Industry Project


  • Project Portfolio
  • Freelancing at Solent Creatives
  • Creative Entrepreneurial Freelance Practice
  • Curriculum Plus

More information on the Top-Up Course, here.
* The management of Solent University reserves the right to change this syllabus



  • Baccalaureate or equivalent A-levels studies. Students with inferior studies must organize an interview with the school director 
  • Successful completion of the 2-year diploma gives access to the third university year (top up course) in England, at the Solent University.

In order to be able to access said university and in so doing attain a University Degree the access requirements are; Baccalaureate (any modality), English language level IELTS certification with the cutoff score of 6 in speaking and writing. Lastly, not to forget the successful completion of all the Diploma subjects, in accordance with Microfusas requirements.

All of these requirements must be met when registering at the university, which is usually in June previous to the start. This gives students the opportunity to master their English and, in some cases to complete their Baccalaureate or A-levels studies.


  • The centre provides all the necessary materials for the course, as well as the availability of recording studios for the course studies and to work on projects, practice, and study.

The methodology used in the course is based on a blended learning format, incorporating activities that evolve in our classrooms and recording studios, supported by our virtual campus. Said activities include collaborative practices, magisterial classes, discussion forums and group projects among others. The course content is available online, accessible 24 hours, on any electronic device (i.e. computer, tablet and mobile).

The debate forums will stimulate critical thinking/analysis along with the exchange of ideas. The practices and projects objective is, learning by doing, and working in teams with other students. This is all closely overseen and led by our highly specialized educators, all of whom have extensive experience in the field.

During the first two years, the Diploma in Music Production is taught at the Microfusa school in Barcelona,  students can choose from the following available schedules:

  • Morning schedule: 08:30 am to 14:30 pm, Monday to Friday
  • Afternoon schedule: 16:00 pm to 22:00 pm, Monday to Thursday

The course is made up of approximately 2.000 hours distributed between theoretical classes, practices, assisted projects, self-study and personal practices.

The weekly classes are undertaken in the following way:

  • Production/sound equipment – 6h/weekly
  • Specific software (Apple Logic and Avid Protools) – 3h/weekly
  • History of the music, musical productions and musical industry - 3h/weekly
  • Musical language - 3h/weekly

The rest of the hours are meant for students to study and work on exercises and/or projects that are requested during the semester. For this students have access to classrooms and recording studios (access to recording studios will depend on the semester). 


  • Maximum number of places available: 24
  • Applications are treated on a first-come-first-serve basis
  • This course requires a minimum of 8 students
Payment Methods

Payment for the first two years of the course shall be made to Microfusa as described below:

Option: Full payment upfront

  • Reservation of place in course 1: 300€
  • 1st year (single payment) 3: 6.075€
  • 2nd year (single payment) 3: 6.125€

The total amount for both years with full payment up front = 12.500€

Option: Fractioned payments, domiciling it through a Spanish bank account 1 1st year:

  • Reservation of place in course 1: 300€
  • 1st Payment 3: 1.420€
  • 8 instalments: 611€ (November to June)

2nd year:

  • 1st payment 3: 1.420€
  • 8 instalments: 578€ (November to June)

The total amount for both years with Financed payment is = 12.652€

Option: Fractioned payments, without domiciling 1st year:

  • Reservation of place in course 1: 300€
  • 1st Payment 4: 2.100€
  • 2nd payment 5: 2.100€
  • 3rd payment 6: 2.100€

2nd year:

  • 1st Payment 4: 1.940€
  • 2nd payment 5: 1.940€
  • 3rd payment 6: 1.940€

The total amount for both years with Financed payment is = 12.720€


1. To access the financing service the following is imperative: Spanish bank account information. TIN interest rate of 5%, 5,11% TAE. The payments will be debited directly by bank or cashier by the 5th of each month, except the first payment that will be done by a one-off transfer or in cash.

2. The deadline to make the first payment or single payment is 14 natural days prior to the start of the Diploma (September 15th, 2020).

The cost includes vast educational materials of the school, available on the virtual campus.

As well as, books (physical or electronic), requested from the manufacturers of the official courses, as well as the exam fees for said courses.
The exam fees of Microfusa and of the official courses also are included, with the possibility of repeating an exam each semester, in the case a student does not successfully pass an exam on their first attempt (with exception to Apple Logic's official accreditation, in the case of having to repeat this exam, students will have to deposit 75€ for the exam fees)

3rd Year - Top-up course in Digital Music - Solent University

The Payment for the third year of the course shall be made to Solent University.

The usual tuition for an academic university year in the UK is 9,250 pounds sterling. The Uk government offers loans to students coming from the EU at very good rates. This includes a loan for the cost of the course (usually paid directly to the university). The student must repay this loan in accordance with the following conditions* (summarised):

  • Repayment of the loan must begin as soon as the student finds work which pays over 21,000 pounds per annum. The interest is very low at a rate of
  • The debt has a life of 30 years after which it will be written off

* These conditions may vary each year and are subject to change according to the UK government

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